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The Dementia 2020 Citizens’ Engagement Panel - Survey

27 Feb 2019

This is a guest blog by Jean Tottie, Chair of tide - together in dementia everyday.

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NFWI Dementia Care in Hospitals - Response

15 Feb 2019

This week The National Federation of Women’s Institutes (NFWI) published a report in to Dementia Care in Hospitals from the Carers Perspective. This report presents the findings of the NFWI’s research into dementia care and support for carers in hospital, based on over 200 personal experiences obtained through an online survey and telephone interviews. The report covers carers’ access to the hospital ward, the involvement of carers’ in planning, quality of care provided and whether the support offered met the needs of the carers’.

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Juggling Work and Unpaid Care - Response

6 Feb 2019

This week Carers UK published the Juggling Work and Unpaid Care report. The report finds that caring, unpaid, for older and disabled relatives is "an increasing issue for our time and one that is affecting more families and friends in both the UK and throughout the world." Current census statistics suggest that around 12% of the population are caring for a relative or friend. But, people often don’t recognise what unpaid caring is, or what it entails. We know that carers can take years to identify themselves as carers, meaning that reported numbers could be lower than the reality.

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