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Policy Influencing Toolkit

To aid our Front of Mind campaign, Incisive Health developed a toolkit to help you gain a better understanding of the parliamentary landscape and influence dementia policy and practice.

We are ran a joint campaign with Roche: Front of Mind. The aim was s to put carers' needs at the heart of dementia care by improving diagnosis rates and introducing a proper dementia pathway. We called for the following changes:

  • For greater awareness and understanding of dementia
  • For people living with dementia and their carers to be more involved in policy decisions that affect them
  • For clinical pathways to be clear and supportive through-out a diagnosis and beyond

Policy Influencing Toolkit 

Introduction and Contents Your content guide to the Policy Influencing Toolkit 

Influencing Policy Toolkit Guide - This guide is designed to cover the basics of influencing dementia policy. The contents includes an overview of the Front of Mind campaign, how we define policy and policy engagement, the health and social care landscape, a short history of dementia policy in England and how we secure future policy change for dementia.

What makes for impactful and memorable policy engagement? - This is a recording of a presentation from Sarah Winstone (Founder, Incisive Health)

Influencing Dementia Policy Engagement Tracker - This document is intended for you to use to keep track of all your engagement with MPs and how things went

Influencing Dementia Policy Top Ten Tips and Troubleshooting This document is intended to give you some useful advice and insights into influencing dementia policy effectively

Social Media Content and Tips  All the tips you need to help support the Front of Mind campaign online!

Letter to Local Government Policy Makers Fill in this handy template 

Letter to Local MediaFill in this handy template 

Carer Development Programme 

If you are familiar with us, you have probably heard of our Carer Development Programme. We run a few modules that help build your confidence when speaking to professionals and when public speaking. If you think these would help you, we would recommend attending a session. You can find current events for the CDP on our events page and clicking on 'Carer Development Programme' 

Influencing policy

Roche Products Ltd has funded Incisive Health Ltd to support together in dementia everyday – tide – in the development of its carers network through training and content creation, including the development of this influencing toolkit. Roche has not had direct involvement or editorial control in the development of this content.